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Next-FOGStop | Next-FGX3

Next-FGX3 Literature

Next-FOGStop Wastewater Treatment Introduction

Next-FGX3 Safety Data Sheet

Next-FOGStop WasteWater Treatment Presentation

Next-FGX3 Agriculture Augmentation Presentation


High Performance Silt, Sediment and Turbidity Removal Media.

Next-Sand Literature

Next-Sand Case Study #1

Next-Sand Case Study #2

Next-Sand Case Study #3

Next-Sand Technical Report

Next-Sand MSDS/SDS

Next-Sand System Design & Application Guide

Next-Sand Start-Up & Operation Guide

A Primer on the Use of Next-Sand in Gravity Filtration Application

Next-Sand Distributor Locations

2023 Next-Sand Presentation

Next-Sand Tank Size & Backwash Calculator (Click to Download)


Scale Prevention powered by Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology

Next-ScaleStop Literature

Next-ScaleStop Residential Systems

Next-ScaleStop Commercial Systems

Information for Cooling Towers, Closed Loop Steam Boilers, & Commercial Dish Machines

Next-ScaleStop Residential Systems Installation & Operation Manual

Next-ScaleStop Commercial Systems Installation & Operation Manual

Next-ScaleStop Science & Technology Overview

WaterReuse Presentation May 2011

Next-ScaleStop MSDS

2023 Next-ScaleStop Presentation


Our products are certified domestically and internationally by the following organizations.

NSF/ANSI 60 + NSF/ANSI 61 Approval

IAPMO Certification

WQA Gold Seal of Approval

CSA Certification

Ministry of Health Approval in China

European Certification of Conformity